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 Explore our written adventures and find your next favorite kid's book today!

Special Release!

Join the people of the Desert Kingdom of Las Vegas on their epic adventure from misfits to Golden Knights as they discover the enchanting power of their very own “desert ice”!


New stories, perfect for the holidays!

Meet your new friends, "Rosie and Mr. Spooks".

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About Us

We bring stories to life.

WonderCorp is a team of storytellers who create and publish books for kids. With each of our stories, we hope to inspire young readers with the fantastic thrill of embarking on new adventures, befriending new characters and discovering exciting new worlds.

Meet the team below and come join us on our next written adventure!

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Meet the Team

Blake Garnsey


Blake's the name, art's my game! I love making stories of all kinds and doing silly voices. I drew all the pictures for "The Vegas Golden Knights: Defenders of the Ice", too!

Alexa Tuttle

Storyteller and  President

Hey there, my name is Alexa Tuttle. I am a writer, filmmaker, storyteller, and big sister. Oh! And I'm the President and Founder of WonderCorp.

Carlie Tuttle


Hello, I'm Carlie! I'm a concept artist and illustrator. Drawing Rosie on her adventures is a blast because she's very expressive and always seems to be getting into trouble!

Contact Us

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